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Free SAP Security White Paper: The C-Level Guide to SAP Security

Download the NCS C-Level Guide to SAP Security, Protecting Critical Information Assets: The Business and Economic Value of Advanced SAP Security and Compliance Software.  We trust you will find this paper to be a useful tool for evaluating and communicating the need to more closely scrutinize and advance the security of your SAP systems, and to help justify future investments in SAP security solutions.


33 SAP Targets for Cyber-Criminals

3 Reasons Why C-Execs Should Scrutinize SAP Security


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The C-Suite Guide to SAP Security

Free White Paper

This paper introduces senior executives to (a) the real-world risk factors associated with inadequate SAP security, (b) the consequences of allowing traditional SAP security measures to remain status quo, and (c) the benefits of deploying an advanced SAP security and compliance solution. 

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